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We strengthen families

The project “We strengthen families. Raising healthy children ”was held at the“ Jesus Good Shepherd ”Center in collaboration with the World Vision Association in the period January - March 2022. These meetings were held weekly.

The focus of this project was the FAMILY and PARENT-CHILD relationship. The project aimed to reflect on different areas of family strengthening in order to build a protective and caring family environment, supporting parents to establish positive parenting relationships and to ensure the spiritual development of children and adolescents. By empowering the family, we can raise healthy children.

The project had a multidisciplinary approach, aimed at families, children and the Fermentim community and worked to achieve the set goals:

  • Strengthen the family, supporting parents, to establish a parenting relationship that values ​​and protects the dignity of children as created in the image of God

  • Improve and build healthy parent-child relationships.

  • Strengthen the capacity for positive parenting and according to the values ​​of the gospel.

  • Strengthening families, through the socialization and spiritual development of children and adolescents through training meetings with experts in the sector.

  • The direct beneficiaries of the project were at least 30 families and their children, residents of the pastoral center of Fermentim.

  • Indirectly, the whole community benefited, from the point of view of strengthening families.

These meetings gave a further understanding of the profound values ​​of the conjugal vocation and the commitment to growth of a healthy family.

sr. Gjyste Doda, SJBP

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