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Rekindling the Spirit of our Bethlehem in the mind of Bl. James Alberione

The graciousness of Jesus, the newborn King in Bethlehem, the Pauline Family- Juniors’ Encounter was made possible last 07 December 2023, Feast of St. John, the Evangelist which was held at the Alberione Hall of the Society of St. Paul in Makati City. It was a whole day gathering with several activities such as lecture, sharing, presentations, gift- giving and building camaraderie.

In the morning, we listened to the lecture of Sr. Nimfa Ebora, pddm on the topic: Rekindling the Spirit of Bethlehem in the mind of Bl. James Alberione. She led us to go back to what the Primo Maestro said “always go back to our Bethlehem”. Our Bethlehem is very basic to every Pauline. Bethlehem is a symbol of beauty, simplicity and humility which radiates to others. During the times that we feel insufficient we need to go back to our Bethlehem. Through the questions she gave, the Juniors were able to identify concretely their Bethlehem and how does it help to move to once Nazareth.


In the afternoon, the Juniors of the Society of St. Paul prepared games that made all the Juniors from the different congregations see and experience how beautiful and grateful to be a part of the Pauline Family. The day ends by thanking the Lord for enabling us to achieve the objective of the big day. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Lawrence De Peña, ssp with his concelebrant Fr. Kris Emmanuel Llacer, ssp. Fr. Kris in his homily acknowledged the vitality and youthfulness of those who are in the initial formation. He invited us to RUN to Jesus in prayer, study, in the apostolate, in our community. Thus, we show our love to the One who called us in this vocation- - to run without leaving anyone behind, nor be left behind.

Sr. Leini Margaret G. Billones,sjbp

Pauline Juniors’ Coordinator

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