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The Bible visiting the Houses

The 18 Rural Communities of Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro Parish, in Adrianópolis/PR – Diocese of Paranaguá, celebrated the MONTH of the BIBLE (September), receiving the WORD of GOD in their homes. Twenty-two BIBLES visited the families of each Community. It was a great time to renew FAITH and experience the WORD of GOD.

The Communities lovingly decorated the BIBLES that visited the houses.

At the end of the month, the BIBLE that visited the families in each community was drawn among them.

Some testimonials from those who received the BIBLE in their home:

This September, we are receiving a visit from the BIBLE in our home. We remain always in prayer.

Coming home and receiving the Word of God is very rewarding. Thank you for remembering my home. God bless you all organizers and community.

I thank the Word that passed through my house, blessing my family.

I received the BIBLE in my house; I was very happy to receive the Word of God. God bless you all.

Community of the Pastorelle Sisters of Adrianópolis

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