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The Flag is coming to make its home!

On the occasion of the Novena in preparation for the Feast of the Divine Holy Spirit, celebrated on Sunday, 06/05, the town of Porto Velho/PR expressed its devotion to the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.

In the Parish of Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro, the FLAG toured all the Communities in preparation for the PENTECOST PARTY. This year, in addition to Sisters Angela Biagioni and Sueli Berlanga, who live there (community of Adrianópolis), Sister Sônia de Fátima Batagin, Provincial Superior, was present, also accompanying FLAG.

Each knot that is tied in the ribbons that decorate the FLAG reveals the certainty that the DIVINE is strongly present in our lives. This popular devotion remakes our faith in the Holy Spirit.

May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be poured out abundantly on each person who invokes him from the heart and on each community that received the visit of the FLAG.

Sr. Angela Biagioni, sjbp

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