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Youth Mission in Uruguay

Under the motto "Jesus lives in our hearts forever", we were on mission from July 10 to 14, 2023 in Paysandú.

Together with 50 young people from the Stella Maris school in Montevideo, 12 from the parish group and approximately 20 from the Liceo Francisco, we participated in intense days of fraternal life, work and prayer.

In a culture with a timid presence of young people in the parishes, these spaces emerged as beacons in the dark. The youthful vigor and faith in his path of initiation were a precious channel of blessings for the community. The young people of the parish and some of the neighborhood were enthusiastic about the proposals, and they were the first stratum to which they wanted to target (“the evangelization of young people to young people”); Also in some older people the fervor was revived, infected by the joy of the protagonists chosen by God, and the children without being left behind had their space of welcome through the game.

The work in these days of door-to-door evangelization, and the restoration of two Chapels, was in a context of periphery of our parish "San José Obrero", areas that the Sisters accompany. Certainly, and in the best Franciscan style, the "reconstruction" work began among fallen walls, paint and brushes, but leaving its resonance in the hearts.

One fruit of this mission was the desire that arose from the youth group that was starting in the parish to have a moment of adoration! A small step, but one of the most alive and transcendent, celebrated by us as the first step of a child; that is why we share it with joy making them part of our joy.

We praise our Good Shepherd, because he makes us witnesses and part of his precious work! With gratitude and joy,

Paysandú Community

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