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Pastorelle Sisters in Saipan

“Sing to the mountains, sing to the sea…” words that would describe where we are residing now which is the Bishop’s Residence. The place is located on top of the mountain in Kannat Tabla, Saipan. It is peaceful, quiet, and conducive to prayer and solitude. After the death of the late Bishop Camacho, the residence was occupied by the Jesuit Fathers and also used by some people who need time for silence and solitude.

With the transfer Jesuit priest to another mission, Bishop Ryan Jimenez, offered us, the Pastorelle Sisters to occupy and take care of the place. We transferred from San Antonio Convent to the Bishop’s Residence last November 24, Thanksgiving Day in U.S.A. The place is near to San Vicente and Mt. Carmel Cathedral where we carry out our pastoral ministry in collaboration with the Bishop and the priests.

Our new convent was blessed by Bishop Ryan on the Feast of Blessed James Alberione last November 26. It was graced by few friends and benefactors with simple agape.

Sr. Cynthia is assigned as the Parish Associate and Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Coordinator in San Vicente Parish, Sr. Emma is the Coordinator of the Ministry of Altar Servers in the Diocese and Parish Associate in Mt. Carmel Cathedral while Sr. Adoracion is the Coordinator Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.

From Community of Saipan

Srs. Cynthia, Emma and Dorie

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